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zakynthos visit

Beitragvon ma+leniz » Di Aug 09, 2011 12:01

Hello everyone!

Have been to a very hot Zante from 8.-29. July 2011
Not only for herping but saw:
No chamaeleons ;)
Malpolon juv., DOR
Emys orbicularis Ad., suba., juv.
Mauremys caspius rivulata Ad., suba., juv.
Caretta Caretta, adult female(?)
Hemidact. t. turcius Ad.
Tarentola m. Ad.
Pod. Tauricus ionicus Ad., juv.
Last species in a very unuasual pattern which first made me doubt it. I will try to post a foto. Adults seen had at least 25-30cm total body lenght.


If anyone's interested in fotos or informations about the island, please just ask!

Best wishes

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Beitragvon Gerald » Mi Aug 10, 2011 11:02


no chamaeleons? Now I'm disappointed ;-)
Feel free to post some pics and a few lines!


Ps: 30 cm for P. tauricus would be likely a new record, the books at home (unfortunately excluding the Handbuch..) refer to max. 25 cm total length.
Concerning the pattern, I can't say anything..

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