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Portugal Tag 9

Beitragvon Jeroen » Fr Aug 26, 2005 16:14

Hope you don't mind another taxonomic thing ... :D
Please note that the Iberian mainland Macroprotodon should be called M. brevis (or textilis), subspecies ibericus. The ones from the Balearics and Lampedusa are cucullatus s.s. (even though Wade, Carranza & others refer to those as mauritanicus).
Please compare with my Euroherp post =>
"Some additional research apart from Wade (2001) and (Carranza et al., 2004) seems desirable to clarify the taxonomy of the genus Macroprotodon.
Two Macroprotodon species seem to be present in Europe. The name Macroprotodon cucullatus has priority over Macroprotodon mauritanicus and includes animals from the Balearics and Lampedusa. The animals from the Spanish mainland and Portugal are here called Macroprotodon brevis but it is possible the name Macroprotodon textilis has priority. If not, Macroprotodon textilis is a junior synonym for Macroprotodon cucullatus."

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