Subspecies Cerastes cerastes

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Subspecies Cerastes cerastes

Beitragvon saharafreak » Di Jul 12, 2005 12:05

Is Cerastes cerastes mutila a valid subspecies ?
Do they allways miss horns ??


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Beitragvon Vipersgarden » Di Jul 12, 2005 21:07

Since some years the former subspecies gasparetti is a own, valid species. So Cerastes cerastes is a monotypic species now. The subspecies mutila is not accepted by most authors.
And they don´t miss horns allways. When I bred this (sub)species before many years, I got horned and hornless individuals from the same clutch.
Cerastes cerastes is an egg-layer, in contrast to Cerastes vipera, the Avicenna-viper from the dunes of the Sahara, which give birth to live young.
Have a look at my web-site:

At the checklist - Morocco you will find some pics, also at the short infos.


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